Susan the Piano Teacher

A.Mus., Conservatory Canada

M.M., New York University

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Why Take Music Lessons?

*Sharpens memory & increases brain function!
*Advances mathematical ability!
*Improves reading & comprehension!
*Enhances coordination!
*Refines organizational skills!
*Fosters self-expression & creativity!
*Broadens knowledge of culture & the arts!

Fischer Music Studio

Wortley Village
London, Ontario

* 30 Years Teaching Experience!
* All Ages & Levels!
* Conservatory Exam Preparation!
* Theory & Composition Lessons!

* Adults & Beginners Welcome!
* Recitals & Kiwanis Festival!
* Chamber Music & Accompanist!
* Member of the ORMTA
(Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association)

Girl playing piano
Boy playing piano

Opening up the world of music to young people is a passion for Susan. Piano students of all ages and levels are given a well rounded musical education including ear training, rhythmic clapping & technical exercises which develop skills that are practical and fun. Students are introduced to various genres of music from the classical, popular, jazz and Broadway repertoire. Motivated students are prepared for Conservatory Canada or Royal Conservatory piano and theory examinations, encouraged to participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival and all are given the opportunity for performance at Ms. Fischer’s Piano Recitals.

In addition to teaching young people, Susan also enjoys teaching adults, whether as beginners or those who are seeking to pick it up again after many years! Practicing any musical instrument is healthy and rewarding! It nourishes brain development, sharpens memory, maintains flexibility and facilitates coordination among many other health benefits!

Lessons Include:
* THEORY with note reading & rhythm exercises!
* TECHNICAL EXERCISES which are easy and fun!
* REPERTOIRE from Classical/Jazz/Popular & Broadway!

Lesson TypeLengthSingle LessonMonthly
Adult60 minutes$50$200
Regular45 minutes$40$160
Family (2) 45 minutes $35$140

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I am writing in enthusiastic support of Susan Fischer, as a talented musician, inspiring teacher, and warm and wonderful individual. I have known Susan for the past ten years, and she has taught both of my young children in piano. Susan’s enthusiasm for music is palpable, and she has a keen understanding of the development of young musicians, especially in harnessing their talent and interest in whatever genre they find inspiring. My children loved working with Susan, and they really felt that their understanding of theory, as well as their overall appreciation of music was improved from the years they spent together.

Susan would certainly be a spectacular program coordinator for any music school or institution. Her organization is remarkable, and my husband and I were particularly impressed with the quality of the recitals that Susan planned. Frequently they included a debut of a new musical piece that Susan had written, and she seamlessly interwove beginning musicians with experienced professionals, always striking the right note in balancing the program to be both inspiring and celebratory. Susan clearly knows how to spread joy and enthusiasm for music!

Sincerely, Kelly Root
Parent & Mathematics Teacher, NYC

Susan has been very inspiring to me and my son Kevin and has brought a structure to our lessons which we have truly enjoyed. First, we would spend some time on theory, continue with practical exercises, then work on pieces from the classical, jazz or popular repertoire. Susan has always been very positive, patient and encouraging. Kevin has made remarkable progress over the years and has always enjoyed every aspect of the class. In addition, Susan plays beautifully and is very knowledgeable about composition and musicology, which has made my classes even more interesting and rewarding. Ms. Fischer is the best music teacher I have ever had. Having had the pleasure and the privilege to teach for the past twenty-five years at the University of Texas, at Yale University and currently at Barnard/Columbia, I know the qualities which make a great teacher. Susan has them, and I am very happy to recommend her.

Isabelle Jouanneau-Fertig
Senior Associate in the French Department,
Barnard/Columbia University

Piano Lesson Payment

* For students enrolled in weekly lessons during the academic year (from September to the end of June), there is a consistent monthly lesson rate, which is to be paid at the beginning of each month.  However, if there are 5 lesson days in the month instead of 4, the extra lesson in FREE! 

* For missed lessons due to sickness or holidays away, alternate lesson times can be arranged or subsequent lessons extended to make up for the loss of lesson time. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required.

* There is a family discount for those with more than one child taking lessons!

* Additional savings are available for those who pay for 3 month semesters!

* The regular pay per lesson price is available for those who take 3 lessons or less per month or prefer a flexible lesson plan.

Consistency serves the learning process while flexibility allows us to move with the flow!